comparing 911Gate with previous, lesser "gates"...
Date:1972 - 197419801986 ~ 198919932001 - ????
Description:Constitutional crisis: Nixon put himself above the law, ran a criminal organization out of the White House, and bugged Democrat campaign headquarters in the Watergate hotel.Agents of the Reagan-Bush campaign secretly and illegally negotiated with agents of Iran, which was holding U.S. hostages. The purpose was to delay the release of U.S. hostages until after the election because it was feared that such an October Surprise could help President Carter win re-election.From the basement of the Reagan White House, Vice President Bush, Admiral John Poindexter, Ollie North and others ran a shadow government which violated U.S. laws and subverted the U.S. Constitution.Some employees in the White House travel office were dismissed by the incoming Clinton administration. Some related FBI documents were alleged to have been wrongly accessed ("filegate").George W. Bush twice voluntarily confessed that he was in the loop, via video, on the opening salvo of the 'secret' 'surprise' 9/11 attack, which he watched unfold on TV before continuing with his scheduled photo-op as if nothing had happened, even though there were no commercial broadcasts of the 1st WTC impact on TV that morning. Hear-no-evil Democrats turn a deaf ear.
Context:subversion of the 1972 presidential electionsubversion of the 1980 presidential electionsecretly trading arms for hostages, and covertly financing an illegal war in Central Americapartisan political bickeringdeadly staged synthetic terror attack on U.S. soil; thousands of civilians murdered in broad daylight on national television; used as pretext to justify crimes against humanity and against our own democracy
Death Toll:00(?)unknown0Thousands in 2001,
at least tens of thousands since, and counting...
Institutional Response:The White House was ordered to release incriminating recordings as part of an investigation. Nixon resigned in disgrace, under the mere threat of impeachment.The TV networks showed a split screen of the hostages being released at the same moment Reagan and Bush were being sworn in, like it was just a happy coincidence.

Democrat Lee Hamilton helped scuttle meaningful investigations into the affair.

Democrat John Kerry's Senate committee managed to discover, but somehow failed to uncover, the drug-running aspects of the covert operation.

Democrat Lee Hamilton scuttled meaningful investigations and punishments; GHWB survived to later pardon his co-conspirators.

Connect the dots...

Minor but well-covered loud Republican uproar; to those born after Watergate, any minor alleged infraction now seems to qualify as just another "gate".Betraying their fake, phony political 'opposition', Democrats (and, betraying their fake, phony support of the Constitution, Bush's fellow Republicans) and the media and political 'scientists' all pretend Bush never made his treason-indicating, loose-lips-sink-ships admissions of prior knowledge.

They vehemently support the official government conspiracy theory (false-flag legend) of 9/11, ignore facts and evidence to the contrary, ignore Bush's incriminating statements and the White House's theft of related military documents, bear false witness against our Iraqi neighbors, illegally start aggressive wars of choice, turn the USA into a debt-strapped fear-driven secrecy-based homeland with diminished individual rights and freedoms.

A "bi-partisan" Commission, co-chaired by Lee Hamilton and Tom Kean, in support of the Muslim-blaming lies, omitted all the hijacker-exculpatory evidence and 'failed' to assign any blame for what it falsely saw as the worst defensive military "failure" in U.S. history. The big-lie-reinforcing so-called "intelligence failure" went unpunished.

While some of those responsible have been promoted and even decorated, no one has ever been held accountable, or even seriously questioned!

No member of Congress, including 2004 Dem Pres candidate and supposed opponent John Kerry, has ever questioned Bush's incriminating statements.

In 2006, incoming Queen Of Collusion Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (contact her at 202-225-0100) went on national TV and pledged that "impeachment is off the table"!!! 1 2 3.

In doing so, Pelosi was -- and still is -- being nicer to Bush than Lewinski was to Clinton! (remember that folderol ... an impeachment over a fib about a blow job of zero Constitutional consequence!)

Despite the fact that impeachment is a vital mechanism of the Constitution, nevermind that Natcy had sworn an oath to uphold and protect and defend the Constitution, an oath that she was blatantly violating, no newspaper or political science professor could then or can now be made to notice Pelosi's treason -- that she was not challenging but enabling the treasons of others, including supposed political rivals!!!

(...recall that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for treason, and then ask yourself when treason by high-ranking government officials became ignorable, and confronting it became optional...)

Remember: there is no enemy more dangerous than the enemy within.

Remember: there is NO statute of limitations on treason!

Please write your representative to Congress demanding investigations into 911Gate! (sample message)

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